environmentally friendly dry cleaning

Amys Green Dry Cleaning and GreenEarth

We are the only environmentally friendly dry cleaner in the Ft. Collins, Loveland and Windsor area. This is why we have partnered with GreenEarth.
We also support the City of Ft. Collins and its environmental goals and proudly work to keep the uniforms of the FCPD clean.  We all have to clean our
clothes and we offer you the opportunity to do so in a way that helps to preserve and protect the world around us and the great place we live in.
Small steps add up to a real impact on the world around us.


Welcome to the world of GreenEarth Cleaning!

The GreenEarth® process uses pure liquid silicone, a safe natural by product of sand. By using GreenEarth®, we have significantly reduced theeco friendly dry cleaning
consumption of steam, water and electricity in our store. Our customers especially appreciate that their clothes don’t have chemical odor
anymore – everything smells fresh and feels soft. Just as important, our cleaning system is gentler on clothes, helping them look and feel new
longer than other cleaning methods.


What myths have you heard about other dry cleaning systems?

• Hydro Carbon is environmentally friendly?
Hydro Carbon blends in various applications are suspected carcinogens and if spilt on land require a chemical clean up.

• Wet cleaning is environmentally friendly?
As an open system, these result in affluents (chemicals, detergents, waste, etc.) going down the drain.

• Dry cleaning solvents are not air pollutants?
All dry cleaning solvents other than GreenEarth Cleaning are classified as a VOC by the US EPA, which means they can expose employees
and customers inside a dry cleaning plant to very high pollutant levels, and elevated concentrations can persist in the air long after a cycle is completed.

What is GreenEarth Cleaning?

• Non toxic to the environment
• No human health hazards
• No odor
• Uses over 50 percent less water and energy than other cleaning methods
• Better for clothes and better for the environment

Read more about DF-2000 Here.

Amy’s also:

  • Recycles Hangers
  • Gives customers free reusable bags for drop off
  • Option to not use Poly and reusable garment bags on request

Learn more about GreenEarth at www.greenearthcleaning.com/aboutus