Free Pick-up and Delivery

Amy’s valet service has become a popular time saving convenience.

Home Delivery / Office Delivery

Step 1
Simply place your dry cleaning into our free garment bags and leave them in the designated drop-off/pick-up location by 8:00 a.m. sign up now.
Step 2
Twice a week, we’ll stop by either picking up or delivering back to you. Orders will be professionally cleaned, perfectly hung or folded, and ready to wear.
Step 3
Signing up; we make it easy.
You can sign up on line or speak to a representative.

Amy’s service is non-intrusive; your items will be picked up and dropped off as you attend to your day.

Apartment and Condominium Complex Delivery

Apartment and Condominium Complex Delivery

Amy’s Green Dry Cleaning delivers dry cleaning to multi-resident condominium and apartment buildings that are serviced by an onsite facility manager, or that have a secure centralized storage area.

Dry cleaning delivery is a valued offering to residents, providing time-saving convenience and easy accessibility.   Dry cleaning prices are competitive and there is no charge for valet service.

Interested in Amy’s Green Dry Cleaning valet service for your apartment building or condominium complex?