About Us


At Amy’s we are committed to serving our customers and our communities. With convenient store locations and our valet service; Amy’s is dedicated to providing the highest levels of quality and convenience.

Amy’s operating philosophy is to surpass the convenience expectations of today’s time-challenged consumer, while providing an earth friendly alternative to traditional dry cleaning. The company was founded in 2005 by Travis and Amy Erion, 5th generation Coloradoan’s. Travis and Amy met in high school while Amy was working at a local dry cleaner. Amy has been an accomplished seamstress for most of her adult life. With a strong entrepreneurial background she wanted to be more involved in the garment industry. This led the couple to purchase a local Laundromat and from there they opened up an ironing service. With requests from customers for more service; the Erion’s looked into the dry cleaning Industry.

Researching the industry the couple found out that 90% of dry cleaners were using a chemical called percahethalen ( Perc ) for short. EPA deems Perc to be very hazardous, to employees, the environment and possibly to the wear of the garments. The Erion’s were shocked to discover in their research that even in Loveland, a building on Eisenhower had been removed, and a pump houses installed to try and remove the dry cleaning chemical perc from the ground. With further research they came across a court case in Colorado were 17 years of jail time was handed out to a hazardous waste removal company. This company was picking up hazardous byproducts from perc dry cleaners shipping it out of state re-boxing it and sending it back to the landfills. The couple wanted nothing to do with toxic waste.

This product was truly green, made from sand. This solvent has no hazardous by product, does not melt beads silks come out beautiful this was perfect. Although the solvent and equipment cost twice as much, there is no hazardous hall off fees so the cost is virtually the same if not less expensive.

Travis and Amy decided that adding green dry cleaning to their services would be the way to go. So Amy’s Green Dry Cleaning was born, Northern Colorado first and only green dry cleaner. Amy’s uses an environmentally friendly cleaning process that leaves clothes without that “dry cleaning” smell. We also recycle your hangers.